In order to display the Social Network Graph of the participants’ meetings during the Caspian Sea Simulation, I’m currently working on my new project to display them directly in a graph.
This is the survey participants have to answer when they have a meeting with another participant.

There are 2 questions to answer:

  • How satisfied are you about your meeting (Satisfaction)?
  • To what extent did your reach your goal with your meeting (Goals)?

After submitting the survey, the answers are collected and inserted into a Google Fusion Table and displayed as a network graph.

Social Network Graph with Tie weight based on Satisfaction

Social Network Graph with Tie weight based on Goals

We can also follow the general level of Satisfaction and Goals.

Satisfaction and Goals over time

Why not test it yourself? You can fill out the survey and see the social network graph changing afterwards. But please be patient, it will take some time to update the graphs!