I’m a Belgian, born in Britain who studied in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and France. It’s easier just to say that I am European.

As a musician I felt the urge to do more than just play the cello. I wanted to be part of a cultural revolution, to find new ways of linking music to the world. It was a great surprise to have been accepted for an MSc in International Management at ESCP Europe (ranked 1st worldwide by FT), which was a major step towards finding new ways of doing business with, and in the creative industry. I consciously gathered professional experience in marketing, finance, sales, operations, HR and consulting so that I could then link it back to the cultural sector.

It is my passion to help the cultural industry survive and grow in today’s global economy. With BRENDING that’s exactly what I’m doing!

CONSULTING: International Business Development, Business Performance Improvement, Marketing Development, Image building, Creative business plans
ARTS MANAGEMENT: Artists representation, career development, business structure, strategy implementation, marketing, PR, media, administration
PRODUCTION: concerts, events and films
CORPORATE PR: Linking business and arts.

For more info, please check out Brendan’s website.