We have broad variety of customers. And we care about other entrepreneurs, so if you are a start-up or a company without a large budget, don’t exclude yourself!

Our customers

In Florentes by Marco van Nimwegen We coach In Florentes, and they use our MyTwitterCommunity for their Twitter Analytics. “In Florentes: Enjoy the Beauty of Flowers!” – Marco van Nimwegen

Nyenrode Business Universiteit Nyenrode’s Executive Education department uses MyTwitterCommunity for their Twitter Analytics.

MOPAN: Multi-Organisational Partnerships, Alliances and Networks Facilitation of the MOPAN website.”MOPAN: Multi-Organisational Partnerships, Alliances and Networks”

RCS Retro Cycling Shirts RCS uses MyTwitterCommunity for their Twitter Analytics. “Onze retro wielershirts zijn een hommage aan deze iconen, vedettes, helden, antihelden, fraudeurs en charlatans, maar bovenal wielrenners met passie voor de wielersport. Wie wij zijn? Wij zijn Retro Cycling Shirts!” – RCS

Hybrids: Hybride auto's met 0% bijtelling Various projects for HybridsHybride auto’s met 0% bijtelling.

Customers MD2C: BreinWave


Various projects for Breinwave: breakthrough innovations.

Van Campen Liem LinkedIn course for Van Campen Liem. ATTORNEYS AT LAW / CIVIL LAW NOTARIES / TAX ADVISORS

 Cross media marketing project for Maarten Koningsberger.

 Business Model Workshop (in collaboration with Breinwave).

 Cross media marketing for the Belvedère Operaconcours Amsterdam.

 Nyenrode Business Universiteit  Marketing & Communications Modular Executive MBA programs and Executive Education. Cross media marketing.

   Partner Analytics & Modelling

Lecturing Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Social Media Marketing, Business Case Analysis, Maths & Stats and Project Management.

  Development of a Business plan.

  Workshop at the DECS event.

  Development of a Strategic / Business plan.

Development of a Strategic / Business plan.